Washington Park District Youth Athletics, Illinois

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Girls’ lacrosse is a less-contact sport that holds the same purpose of boys’ lacrosse, which is to outscore the opponent by shooting the lacrosse ball into the opponents' goal. However, the rules of girls’ lacrosse differ significantly from boys lacrosse.



1. Regulation girls Lacrosse stick

2. Mouth guard

3. Protective eyewear/goggles

4. Gloves are optional (gloves are more commonly used in grade 7/8 program and for especially cold days; boys Lacrosse gloves are not acceptable).

5. Rubber-tipped cleats

6. Additional Goalie equipment needed


Ball: regulation solid yellow ball.


Crosse: regulation women's crosse (field stick for field players and goalie stick for goalkeepers). Boys’ sticks are NOT permitted.


Girls Safety Equipment

All field players (everyone but the goalie) must wear a mouth guard with no protruding tabs and ASTM approved women's regulation lacrosse goggles while on the field during game.


Goalkeepers must wear a regulation helmet, throat protector, mouth guard, chest protector and goalie gloves while on the field during games. Leg padding and pelvic protection is recommended but not required.



Youth Girls: (Level B) (grades 4-8th) Modified stick checking may be allowed at this level.  Modified checking is defined as the defender striking the head of the stick when the entire stick is below shoulder level.  Each team has eleven field players, a goalkeeper, and 20-minute halves with running time.  Players may shoot from direct position.  In this division when modified sticking checking is not allowed, if the defender is in a position to check, and holds that position for 3 seconds, as determined by the umpire, the defender gains possession of the ball.  Stick checking at this level is determined by an agreement with head coaches from both team and referees.


High School Girls:  (Level A) Each team has eleven field players and a goalkeeper with 25-minute halves with running time. In this division, stick checking is permitted.  Checking is hitting the pocket of the stick and only the player with the ball, using a downward motion away from the other player's body.  Players may shoot from direct free position. 

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