Washington Park District Youth Athletics, Illinois

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Washington Recreation Association

Biddy Basketball Rules – Junior Varsity League

Boys 4th-5th     Girls 4th-5th


A game will consist of four eight minute quarters with each divided into two equal periods.  At the four minute mark of each quarter, the clock will stop to allow for substitutions.  Period substitutions are not considered time outs.  The team with possession of the ball at the end of each period (four minute mark or two minute mark in the event of overtime) will retain the ball to start the next period.  If the end of a period comes during a shooting foul situation, the free throws will be attempted with the rebound determining possession.  The start of each new quarter will be determined by the possession arrow.  A four or five minute break will occur at the half of each game.
All games will start at the designated time unless otherwise specified by the League Director or the League Representative.  A team must have five players to start the game but may finish with less than five in the event on an ejection, foul outs, or injuries.  A forfeit will occur after five minutes past the designated start time if a team does not have the minimum number of players to start a league game.  Coaches may elect to play the game but the forfeit stands for determination of league standings.
Two time outs are permitted with an additional time out given in the event an overtime game takes place.  Time outs not taken during regulation play do not carry over to the overtime period.  An overtime period will consist of a four minute extended play period divided at the two minute mark for substitutions.
A continuous play clock will be used with the clock stopping for the following:  injury, official’s time out, personal fouls, and time outs.  On a non-shooting foul, the clock will resume when the ball is put into play.  On a shooting foul, the clock will resume with player contact.  Also, the clock will stop on all whistles during the last minute of each half.


Only one head and one assistance coach will be allowed on the bench during a game.  Only the head coach will be allowed to address the officials.  The officials reserve the right to remove any coach from the game that does not comply with this rule.
It is the responsibility of each coach to see that each team member present for the game is entered into the official scorebook prior to the start of the game.  It is the responsibility of each player to register with the official scorer prior to entering the game.  The players must report to the scorer at the beginning of each period.
Game shirts must be worn (tucked in) in order to play.  No watches or jewelry of any kind will be allowed on the court.  Because the intent of this league is one of instruction, an equal play rule will be enforced.  No player can play more than one period more than any other and a strong effort will be made by coaches to rotate all players at the various playing positions. The officials and the scorer’s table will monitor the number of possessions a player handles the ball.  A minimum of two possessions should be played by each player at the point guard position.  Player substitutions during the game are allowed only in the event of an injury.  In the event of an injury, the partial period will count toward the player entering the game if the time remaining in the period is more than two minutes.  


The official scorekeeper will keep track of all periods played as well as the score and number of player fouls.  All calls or decisions made by league officials during the course of the game are final.  Disputes regarding rules interpretation will first be directed to the League Representative and then to the League Director.  If needed, the League Director will consult with the WRA board.  Unless otherwise noted in this document, normal “IESA” rules regarding game play will apply.
Zone defenses of any kind are prohibited.  Double teaming of an offensive player outside the lane is not allowed.  Defensive players are not required to play defense outside the perimeter of the three point line.  They must, however, remain in the area adjacent to their opponent until the play progresses into the lane.  Open switches are encouraged and permitted for defensive purposes.  The officials would do their best to determine a double team.  Since open switching is allowed, it makes the call more difficult.  The officials will use two different indicators when interpreting a double team:  (1) Is the offensive player being impeded or guarded by two defensive players where two players are making a play on the ball?  (2)  Is the offensive player stopped or trapped by two defensive players?  If either of these conditions is true, the officials will signal a double team with the ball awarded back to the offense.  If neither of these conditions is true, the officials will let play continue until one of these conditions occurs.
Man to man pressing will be allowed in the last period of the second and fourth quarters, provided the team pressing is not leading the game by more that ten points.  A turnover resulting from a double team or backcourt trap will result in the ball being returned to the offensive team and the inbound play will resume at half court.  In the second period of the fourth quarter only, a warning will be given on the first double team called in that period. Any additional violations will result in the violating team losing their ability to press in the remainder of the game.  Pressing in the full overtime period is allowed, provided the team pressing is not leading the game by more than ten points.
Technical fouls will be assessed by the game officials if needed.  A technical foul will result in 2 points being awarded to the opposing team, and the ball will be awarded to the opposing team at half court.  A coach that experiences a technical foul must remain in his chair on the bench the remainder of the game.  A coach that receives 2 technical fouls will be automatically removed from the game, and he/she will be subject to review by the WRA Basketball Committee.
The WRA will require all coaches to read and sign the “Coaches Code of Conduct”. 



Questions from parents regarding league play or rules should be addressed to the coaches and then the league representative if needed.  Parents are not allowed on the court throughout the course of the game unless directed by a league official, league representative or league director to do so.  Appeals of any suspension may be made to the league director and/or the WRA board if needed.  Those appeals may be directed to the following individuals: